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Here are some useful terms and abbreviations explained




GATSO - The most common type of speed camera in the UK. Uses a film which needs to be processed. Usually postioned to take picture of the back of speeding vehicles to show the number plate.

NIP (Notice of Intended Prosecution.) - Notice from the authorities requiring the owner of the vehicle to declare who the driver was on the relevant occassion.

SPECS (SPEX) - type of speed camera that detects the average speed of a vehicle over a given distance.

SLIP RULE - legal provision where minor mistakes in a legal document such has a spelling error, can be amended without prejudicing the prosecution. This would apply for instance if the NIP has a spelling mistake in the address.

HIGHWAY CODE - book published by the stationery office containing road signs, speed limits and other information. Although the highway code is not Law it contains information about the law and can be used in a prosecution.

DVLC (Driver Vehicle & Licencing Centre) - based in Swansea. The DVLC deal with everything to do with llicences

DSA - Agency that deals with driver training and driving tests

NEW DRIVER ACT.  - Under the New Driver Act, if a driver gets 6 points on their licence within 2 years of passing the test, they revert to provisional status, must retake the theory and practical tests

ACPO - Association of Chief Police Officers

You are advised to consult a lawyer specialising in speeding offences if you wish to defend your case