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What are the speeding penalties?

If you go to court and are convicted of a speeding offence, you will expect to get at least 3 speeding points on your licenceand a 100 speeding fine. Higher speeds will normally attract a bigger fine and more points on your driving licence. Sentencing is at the discretion of the magistrates, but usually fines and penalties are kept within the recommended sentencing guidelines. Speeding points calculator You can find out at this page how many speeding points you are likely to get on your licence and information about speeding fines in the UK.

Speeding Offence Fixed Penalty

If you receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution, the alleged speeding offence may be dealt with by way of a fixed penalty notice or a summons to appear at the Magistrates Court. If it is a fixed penalty notice (FPN), you will receive 3 points and a £100 fine.


Will I get a fixed penalty notice or will I have to attend court?

The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) have guidelines as to whether a fixed penalty notice will be issued. More excessive speeding is dealt with by way of summons which will incur higher speeding penalties. The current guidelines shown in the speeding infographic on the right.

If your licence was not issued in the UK (foreign Licence) and you are caught speeding, then you will not be eligible for a Fixed Penalty Notice and the case will have to go to court.

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Fixed Penalty


Note, these are only guidelines and are subject to change. Some police forces may use a stricter standard. In addition, in some circumstances police forces will offer a speed awareness course if your speed was no more than 10% over the limit +9mph. So for instance anyone travelling at less than 42mph in a 30mph limit may in such cases be offered a speed awareness course if it is there first offence.

You can find more about speeding penalties here. Rememeber the best way to avoid speeding penalties is to avoid speeding.