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What to do if I was not speeding.

If you have got a speeding ticket for speeding but you were not exceeding the limit then you need to know what to do.



What should i do if i wasn't exceeding the speed limit?

It is possible, that an NIP has been issued due to faulty speed camera equipment. This is rare, but it is possible. In such cases, it's best to obtain legal advice from a motoring law specialist solicitor. You may need to get access to photographic or video evidence from the police and/or calibration certification for the relevant devices.

If you are sure that you were not speeding you should if possible return to the location of the alleged speeding offence and check out what the actual speed limit is at the location - you may have wrongly thought for instance that the limit was 40mph when in fact it was 30mph or the speed limit may have changed recently in a locatuion that you are familiar with but did not realise that the speed limit had changed.