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How much is a Speeding Fine

In July 2013 the cost of a speeding fine increased from £60 to £100. This is for cases dealt with by means of a fixed penalty notice (ie less serious speeding offences. If you have to go to court for speeding the fine will be at least £100 but could be more




Speeding Fine Increase

The reason for increasing the speeding fine for offences of speeding dealt with by means of a fixed penalty notice are twofold. Firstly the higher fine is designed to prove more of an incentive for people not to exceed the speed limit.

The second reason for the increase in speed fines is to boost the victim support surcharge which had stood at £15 but will now be significantly increased.

You may find that the old figure of £60 is regularly quaoted on websites, but this is probably due to them not being updated with the latest information. For confirmation of the correct figure you can check out the governemnt own website.