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Speeding Defences - avoid fines

There are a number of potential defences and loopholes to look at to see whether you can succesfully defend a speeding ticket.

These are sometimes described in adverts as driving secrets. Remember, there is no such thing as a 100% guarantee that you will escape a speeding fine or conviction if you are guilty!


See below for:

- speed camera calibration defences

- police officer evidence

- hidden speed traps



The driver may in his defence to a speeding prosecution ask for

A copy of the calibration certificate for the speed detection equipment;
A copy of the guidelines and manufacturer's instructions for the use of that equipment;
A copy of the relevant pages of the operator's notebook, detailing the entire chain of events starting from when, for example, he parked the van to when he packed up and drove away.

The Speed camera van or police vehicle was illegally parked

This will not normally provide a defence to a case of speeding